The Shotgun is the primary weapon of The Hunters and can be looted for use.   


The Shotgun is the most common ranged weapon in the game and is deadly at close range, while ineffective at a distance, where it serves more as a warning than a threat.


The Shotgun ammo
Shotgun shells

shotgun shells

[icon image since in game is listed as "Ammunition for a shotgun"], which can be found in the same buildings and Hunter corpses as the weapon itself.
Shotgun broken

broken shotgun


It can be looted for use from buildings and Hunter corpses, often with a few bullets.  When looting Hunters, it will occasionally be found in a broken state, which cannot be repaired and should be discarded.


Against a shotgunEdit

Avoid standing still. When retreating, try to go between objects such as trees, rocks or buildings to break line-of-sight and to give you cover. The shotgun is deadly at close range so try to avoid any confrontation or if that is impossible to end it as quickly as possible. When retreating sprint in a zig-zag pattern to reduce the amount of pellets that can hit you.

Using a shotgunEdit

Don't get overconfident with the weapon. It is innaccurate and takes an average of two shells to take a Hunter down. The best strategy would be to sneak up on your target, get as close as possible then disperse the shells in quick succession. If entering a prolonged fight on open ground, constantly move while reloading to lessen the damage you take from your opponent. Conserve your ammo as it will take roughly 2 shots to take a single Hunter down who might have a small amount of ammo on him.


Facing down a shotgun equipped hunter with a shotgun.